Featured Reviews

-Phil A. via Google My Business
Bloomington, MN

"After our house was battered by baseball-sized hail, we engaged Shane and his crew from Platinum Builders to represent us in dealing with the insurance assessor and in scoping and performing the work. Shane did an excellent job of both. He found subtle damage, like cracked seals on some windows, that we never would have noticed (well not until the windows started steaming up, I guess). Shane really got the assessor on our side and persuaded him to allow additional coverage of sides of the house that were not damaged, but would have been "line-of-sight" with sides that were to be repainted.

The work done was very high quality and the crew were flexible enough to perform a few other tasks for which we paid extra; this saved us sourcing additional contracting help and their bid was very reasonable. We were very pleased with the way things worked out and plan to engage Platinum Builders for a couple of future projects.

By-the-way, we hired Platinum after a reference from a neighbor; after the hail hit, we were approached by several "ambulance chaser" construction companies trawling the area, one of which acted quite unethically in my opinion. I do not let people work on my house if I don't know them and they just knock on my door offering their services, and I respectfully suggest you don't either. Best to get a good reference from someone-um, like this one. So now you can, and in good conscience, go ahead and sign Platinum Builders up for your next project, right? It will be a good decision."

-Rus Thomas
Minneapolis, MN

Just to let you know that we couldn't be happier with our new roof and more importantly with the performance of you and your roofing team. Since the work was completed we have been talking to others who had not so great experiences with the roofers they worked with -- actually some horror stories. There are things that you have built into your work methods that make a difference with the way you communicated with us and the guys on the roof. From the start, we saw that you understood our needs and concerns and the importance of this project to us. At each step of the way you kept us informed telling us what to expect and any changes in the plan that had to be made (all in "real time.") One thing that sets you apart is that the roofers were able to tell you directly of their discoveries as they worked on the tear off and the corrections that had to be made.
We noticed this stuff and appreciate your efforts and the roof looks beautiful!
We made photo copies of your business card and Tak gave them to half a dozen people who have projects in their futures.
Again thanks so much!